Terms and Conditions
These bonuses are valuable assets that we spent a great deal of time developing, and for which we normally charge $1,694.
When given as a bonus they're meant to be a bit of reciprocity for the affiliate commissions we'll be earning for your referral. However, when a client signs up, then cancels their ONTRAPORT account within the 90-Day money-back guarantee window, we wind up with claw backs for those commissions, while the person still gets the benefit/value of the bonuses. Because this has been an issue in the past, we ask that, so as to protect ourselves from the possible clawbacks, that you fill out an order form, which will be set to charge nothing if you keep your ONTRAPORT account for greater than 90-days (so, beyond your 90-day Money-Back Guarantee Period) but which, should you cancel before that time is up, will charge you $864 (or just half of the normal cost of the blueprints). If you do choose cancel your ONTRAPORT account within the 90-Days, then you will still be able to utilize the funnel blueprints, no matter what software system you choose to go with, as the logic and flow will still be the same.
Also, the bonuses are available for those who purchase a Pro level account or higher.