Terms and Conditions

The following will also be sent to you as a contract, which yo must sign before you can qualify to receive your bonuses, however, here they are as our terms and conditions as well. 

These bonuses are offered as an incentive for signing up to become an Ontraport client *successfully through Tobin Jarrett’s partner link. You will receive the following campaign templates from Tobin Jarrett Consulting, including training videos and all assets (email templates, landing page templates, tasks, tags, etc) comprised therein:

  • The Lead Magnet List Builder Campaign
  • The Believer Sequence Campaign
  • The Testimonial Engine Campaign
  • The Cosmic Sales Call Campaign Campaign
  • The Birthday Bankroll Campaign

You will also receive:

  • 4 consecutive weeks of access to the weekly LaunchPad group coaching calls, starting on the first Wednesday of my Ontraport membership, and ending after the 4th Wednesday of my Ontraport membership. If you miss a coaching session that you may participate in coaching calls beyond the 4th week only by upgrading into the monthly paid coaching program.

  • Membership in the VIP Facebook Group -  starting on the first Wednesday of my Ontraport membership, and ending after the 4th Wednesday of my Ontraport membership. I understand that I may maintain access to the member group beyond the 4th week only by upgrading into the monthly paid coaching program.

*Successfully signing up through our link means that we are present in your ‘Last Referrer’ field within Ontraport’s master admin system. This requires that you first clear your browsing cookies, then sign up through our link, and that we verify that we are, indeed, credited as your referrer. If you are not, there is literally nothing I can do or say to fix it as Ontraport’s policy is firm on this point, and you will not qualify for the bonuses. 

You must also certify that:

  • You have a real business with actual customers who are already paying actual money for our actual products and/or services (you've proved the concept, and I’m not still in the “idea phase”). 
  • You understand that Ontraport (awesome though it is) is NOT a magic bullet nor a substitute for a real business with solid products and customer success. It’s an extraordinary platform for growth, but like anything worth doing, it takes actual work, time, and commitment to get the systems set up and generate results in my business.
  • You understand that neither Tobin Jarrett Consulting, nor Ontraport, makes any guarantees about results gotten out of the use of the LaunchPad campaign templates or coaching, nor out of the use of Ontraport, itself.
  • You agree to make a good-faith effort and give Ontraport a real shot. 
  • You must commit to make a good-faith effort in customizing and deploying the LaunchPad campaign templates I will receive as a bonus for signing up through Tobin Jarrett Consulting.  
  • *Note - We’ve spent a lot of time making these Campaign templates awesome, complete with step-by-step tutorial videos in each one! And we are GIVING THEM TO YOU for nothing!  Starting from these campaign templates and coming to the coaching calls you get as part of this offer can lower overwhelm and confusion, and... the campaign templates and coaching will go a long way toward shrinking the amount of time it takes to go from signup-to-value! I don’t have any way of policing this nor would I care to, but what I know is that the folks who actually use the campaigns and coaching get better results and save a lot of time putting systems in place, so, you know, use ‘em!
  • You commit not to use Ontraport to SPAM or do anything else untoward, illegal, or which could threaten the health of Ontraport or its reputation. 
  • You certify that I have not previously signed up for Ontraport with this email address, and that the credit for your decision to sign up for an Ontraport account belongs to Tobin Jarrett. This is critically important because I value my relationship with Ontraport and would never want to take credit for an account for which I did not genuinely deserve.
  • You understand that Tobin Jarrett Consulting will earn a commission in exchange for having referred your business to Ontraport.